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We are a dedicated Candid photography company having award winning well-equipped studio based in lucknow.

We are well-recognized for our pre-wedding shoots and wedding shoots. We are amongst the best artists of the latest photography genre. Most welcome to our site! We are looking forward to becoming a part of your big day!

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candid photographer lucknow

Wedding Photography in Lucknow

Wedding Photographer in Lucknow

Thinking how to make the special memories
and bond everlasting? Here is the way…

Wedding photography is an art rather than a profession that needs to be done with utmost passion and sincerity. We are artists that need to have a clear and deep understating of various aspects like design, lighting, balance, and composition. We are even kept in several situations where we encounter unusual time constraints and issues with lighting.

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Pre Wedding Photographer Lucknow

Amazing poses of the pre-wedding shoot can be memorable
for a lifetime and remind your story in future.

This is a type of informal photography that is specially made before the wedding. Pre-wedding photography has gained huge importance as it can be a fun way that can help the couple to be comfortable with the pre-wedding photographer.


Wedding Photographer in Lucknow

Candid photography

Candid Photographer Lucknow

Click here to create a unique story of the
special day of your life.

Candid wedding photography is an art rather than a simple and normal photography. It is not merely taking random pictures, but our best wedding photographer in Lucknow can capture the emotions, colours, and mood of the special day. The Wedding Photography in Lucknowcreates the photo story wherethe photographer depicts each and every emotion even after several decades.

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Best Wedding Photographer

Destination Photography Lucknow

so much time and effort goes into
planning the perfect destination wedding

If you’re planning on a Destination wedding, then its certainly worth considering a destination wedding photographer and it’s not as outrageous as it might sound at first. I’ve packed my passport for a number of weddings across some beautiful locations for brides and grooms that want to guarantee that they will get high quality imagery and a gorgeous collection of photographs to capture their special day. After all, so much time and effort goes into planning the perfect destination wedding, why would you not want to capture the day as a perfect memory.

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Pre-Wedding Photographer lko

Professional Photographer in Lucknow

Our team of professional photographers can offer utmost
attention that helps in capturing your style in a perfect manner.

Professional photography is not limited to one single aspect, but there are many. The proficiency that a person has gained in the field of photography matters. The Professional wedding photographer in Gomti nagar Lucknow is here to provide the best services. We even help you in capturing all your great memories by creating lovable and timeless photography just for you.

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Capturing The Live Moments

Cinematic films help in memories to stay fresh for a longer time. Why not make it happen?

We make sure we will be alongside with you at every step of the way. The Wedding Photographer in Gomtinagar is well known for the best cinematic films and we are the intimate and small team just like a family. The wedding photographers in Kanpur of the team are the best if the best that can personally execute all the editing to make sure there is a cohesive and consistent look. Apart from this, we are known for filmmaking which can give the cinematic films of wedding a cinematic look.

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